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The Hosts

Brian & Matt are two friends who have known each other since the early days of Theoryland. Their first big adventure together was attending DragonCon 2005 and meeting Robert Jordan himself in person! Ever since, they've spent countless hours discussing The Wheel of Time and everything else under the sun. After years of friendship, they decided to bring you into the fold via Barside Chats, where you can listen to these two friends talk about their favorite book series of all time. 


Brian, the Gleeman

Brian is an author, actor, and software engineer, based in northern California. He's been reading The Wheel of Time since 1995 and loves nothing more than to discuss reading, writing, books, politics, and science!

Matt, the Innkeeper

Matt is the creator of and the host of The Dusty Wheel, a live call-in talkshow all about The Wheel of Time.

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